Zeeshan Hussain Customer Service Level 2 Apprenticeship

Zeeshan Hussain Customer Service Level 2 Apprenticeship

Why did you decide to do an Apprenticeship?

Opportunity to develop interpersonal skills and personal development were the main elements that appealed to me. Moreover I wanted to get hands on experience along with receiving training and gaining professional qualification.

The biggest benefit of doing an Apprenticeship programme was getting a reflection from both perspectives: from manager and the assessor. Therefore it enabled me to precisely focus on these relevant sectors and almost perfect my skills in no time. In addition, there was a lot of flexibility to manage coursework and working in the most beautiful place – Library.

Prostart provided an exceptional service and it really helped me to get on with my coursework efficiently and smoothly. The best thing was that my assessor made multiple visits to my workplace and it was a huge benefit in terms of reflecting back on progress and possible future action plans to work on. Another thing was that the Health & Safety Officer and Quality Reviewer also visited me quarterly to make sure everything is on track.

How has your employer supported you?

Frequently organised mini meetings to make sure everything is smooth and gave me an opportunity to ask any questions. One of the best help/support was to encourage me and experience training workshops which I really ENJOYED!

Would you recommend an Apprenticeship?

Second to none – absolutely a must if you want to step into the real world since apprenticeship goes a long long way and you would be amazed how much you within a year – it really is a dynamic experience to undertake Apprenticeship !!!!

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