Traineeship Programme Case Study

I decided to enrol onto the Traineeship as I was currently in college at the time and it was so hard to attend due
to Covid-19 and it was also so hard to learn something so practical online. Doing a Traineeship was so ideal for me
at the time for personal and educational reasons. I thought i could get back into the one thing I wanted to do
most through a business administration Traineeship.

The main benefits from the Traineeship is, it has helped me gain so much more confidence within myself and
within my career. I have learnt how to build a CV and how to be efficient and effective in interviews and applying
for jobs. Another benefit is I have learnt what skills I have which I could bring to a job and make me stand out. I
have also benefited by understanding what I am like as a person and what I am capable of. The biggest benefit I
have gained is gaining new friends from the Traineeship and securing a job of my dreams

Prostart have helped me a lot. They have helped me gain my English qualification by giving me 1:1 lessons and
pass papers to try. Prostart has also helped me to be successful at interviews by giving me a lesson right before
my interview to help me become prepped and give me some interview tips which has really helped me to become
where I am now. Another way Prostart has supported me is whenever I have needed help they was always there
at the other end of the phone or an email.

One sentence in how I would recommend the Traineeship to someone who is in a similar situation is – Go for it,
you have nothing to loose and you won’t regret it. You will probably realise it will be the best decision you would
have made and there is no one quite like Prostart. I couldn’t put into words how phenomenal they are.

I secured an Apprenticeship through Prostart’s help which I am currently doing now. My plans for the future is to
complete my apprenticeship and work my way up. Within 10 years I want to be on the way to opening my own
garage up. Prostart has really made me believe in myself that I will be able to achieve this

I couldn’t thank Prostart enough for the motivation and support. I really wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t
for them, I am a confident individual who is working in a dream job giving every thing they have to be successful.
For anyone that gets given the chance to go onto a Traineeship with Prostart GO FOR IT! They make dreams come