Bonnie Wilbraham Business Administration Level 2

Bonnie Wilbraham Business Administration Level 2

I have completed an NVQ Level 2 Business Administration and I am currently doing NVQ Level 3 Business Administration

I heard about Prostart when I was appointed to do an apprenticeship with the NHS and would be carrying out my NVQ with them.

I decided to do an apprenticeship as I was struggling to find work after finishing my A Levels at college and wanted to carry on with my education without going to university.

I have really enjoyed the apprenticeship programme and would recommend it to anyone. The main benefit of the apprenticeship programme was the fact that you can carry on with education whilst working. The skills you learn ‘on the job’ help you to be appointed into a permanent role after the apprenticeship has finished and I would not have had these skills without carrying out the year of training first. The experience you gain whilst doing the apprenticeship would almost guarantee that you gain a permanent role after the year us up. It is also good that you get paid whilst doing the year of training.

Prostart have helped me gain the NVQ Level 2 by giving lots of advice and help with the learning aspect. My assessor, Tracy, came monthly to talk me through the qualification and help me with all of the work that I needed to carry out. She was also on hand via email whenever I needed her. Prostart has also helped with other learning such as functional skills ICT. Tracy kindly offered to take me to my ICT exam which was very helpful.

I would highly recommend apprenticeships as you gain a qualification, learn on the job, gain experience and earn a wage whilst getting yourself on the career ladder for the future.

My employer has really helped me with the apprenticeship. My manager was very supportive and was always on hand to teach and give advice about the job. She booked my onto many different courses which would broaden my learning and encouraged me to apply for jobs and gain interview experience as well as helping me with the application process. I learnt all of the aspects of working in an office environment which enabled me to secure a role as a medical secretary. Without my employers help and colleagues, I wouldn’t have learnt the role as quickly and been as confident with the role as I am now.

My plans are to stay within the team I am working in and get to grips with the medical secretary role some more. I would one day like to be a secretary/PA which I think would be an interesting and varied role.

Bonnie’s Manager stated:-

The main benefit of having an apprentice has been that we have been able to train her from day one. The apprentice has proved to be a valuable asset to our team and has helped the team to achieve targets which they were struggling to achieve beforehand.

Due to their eagerness to learn and develop their skills this has also had a positive effect on existing team members, motivating them to consider their own professional and personal development and to undertake further learning.

Employing an apprentice has been a very positive experience for us, this is a very cost effective way of obtaining a future well trained member of staff.