Assignment Submission Policy

Aim of Policy

To ensure that during a learner’s course the submission of assignments are in line with Awarding Body requirements.

To ensure that learners are aware that during their course they will be required to submit a number of different formats of assignments, which may be; essays, portfolios, projects or other types of coursework.

To ensure that learners are advised at the beginning of the relevant module if work for that module is to be submitted electronically or in hard copy.

Format of Assignments

All assignments should be word-processed, unless guidance specifies otherwise.  If learners require further information in respect of this they should contact the Tutor/ Training Advisor directly.

Work should be submitted in the following format:

12 pt font size Verdana 1.5 line spaced or double spaced Single sided pages

Written assignments must be submitted in English unless specifically requested otherwise by the Tutor/ Training Advisor.

A fully completed and signed assessment cover sheet must be attached to all hard copy work. These are supplied by the Tutor. Staff have the right to refuse to accept work not prefaced by this form or by an incomplete form. Work submitted electronically must be accompanied by an electronic version of the submission form. Tutors/Training Advisors must inform learners of this requirement.
It is expected that all learners will demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes for an assessment within the defined word limit.

All academic work should be referenced and cited using the Harvard system unless there is specific guidance from the Awarding Body that differs. Tutors/ Training Advisors must inform learners of this requirement.

It is the learner’s responsibility to ensure that all work submitted is clearly identified with their name and that any resources, such as CDs, are also labelled correctly and are securely attached to the work. Unnamed resources will not be assessed. Tutors/Training Advisors must ensure that learners keep a copy of all work submitted for assessment as it may be required subsequently.

All learners work will be subject to a plagiarism check as part of the marking process.

 Submission Deadlines

Assignments may be submitted at any time, but must be received by 4.00pm on the final day of submission. Any work received after this time will be stamped as ‘late’. Receipts for work will not normally be provided.

Late Submission

Coursework submitted beyond the submission date but within 3 working days (i.e. excluding weekends, public holidays and periods of Prostart closure) beyond the submission deadline and without an agreed extension, will be marked as having been received late and marked as an unauthorised late submission. The maximum mark that can then be awarded is the pass mark.

Submission thereafter, without an agreed extension, will be regarded as non-submission and awarded a zero mark. Where an extension has been agreed, and the work does not meet the agreed new deadline, then the submission will be regarded as a non-submission and awarded a zero mark.

Unauthorised late submission applies only to the first assessment of coursework and not to authorised extensions, deferred assessment, reassessment or extensions. It also does not apply to timed assessments such as presentations, group work, exhibitions or performances, which have the status of examinations.

Where known extenuating circumstances prevent a learner from submitting by the due or agreed extension date, they should then make a claim for consideration via the Extenuating Circumstances Form which can be requested from your Tutor or Assessor.

Extensions to Submission Deadline

Authorised extensions to submissions may be agreed by the Tutor/ Training Advisor for valid reasons. Learners must submit a fully completed Extension Form with their work; extension forms are available from the Tutor or Training Advisor. An extension may be given for up to 2 weeks (14 days including 10 working days). No penalty will be applied to the mark, provided the work is submitted to the re-negotiated deadline. The agreed extension must allow for the work to be marked and presented to the Assessment Board.

Electronic Submission

Learners will be asked to submit work via email to the course Tutor. Electronic versions of assignment cover sheets are available and will be sent to learners.

By submitting assignments electronically learners are making a declaration of intellectual integrity. Learners are declaring that the work is their own, and that they have read the Policies and Procedures relating to assessment of work and that the work complies with those regulations.  Without this declaration learners may be at risk of committing plagiarism. Learners are also agreeing to allow their work to be compared against the work of others to detect plagiarism and collusion.

Timeline for Submission of Assignments

  1. Training Day takes place
  2. +4 weeks assignment submission
  3. Within 7 days of submission, assignment is marked by the Tutor
  4. Within 2 working days the Tutor gives feedback to the learners Training Consultant
  5. If the assignment fails, the resubmission deadline is 2 weeks from the date your Training Consultant gave you feedback
  6. Back to step 3 and repeat as necessary.