Prostart is committed to anticipating the individual needs of learners, providing reasonable adjustments and promoting non-discriminatory practice across all functions of the organisation.

This includes ensuring the availability of a range of services and support aids to meet the needs of learners, and potential learners, who have a learning difficulty and/or a disability that may affect their ability to access provision.

Prostart aims to deliver an inclusive learning approach and to provide additional learning support to secure learning success for all.

Prostart aims to provide an inclusive learning environment that recognises learning needs/ disability and its impact on the way people learn. Inclusive learning is based on providing the best match or fit between a learner’s needs and the learning opportunities provided.

Learner Entitlement

All learners are entitled to study and progress in an environment where they:

  • are fully respected
  • feel welcomed
  • are treated fairly
  • have equality of opportunity for learning and training
  • are in a safe, non threatening environment

Services Available at Prostart

All learners have the opportunity for effective support through:

  • detailed initial assessment and induction
  • research of relevant history of additional needs and support
  • high staff to learner ratio to ensure effective support to all learners
  • negotiated Individual Learning Plan regularly reviewed

Additional learning support is available to learners with additional needs including, for example, specific or general learning difficulty, hearing or sight impairment, physical disability.

It’s important learners let Prostart know if they need any adjustments to make the programme accessible to them. The earlier we know, the sooner we can make changes or provide support. It‘s also important to let Prostart know about any access arrangements that may be needed for exams or assessments

Any application for Reasonable Adjustment must be supported by evidence which is valid, sufficient and reliable. This information will need to be shared with examinations awarding bodies.

Learners can discuss particular adjustments needed and how to arrange them with the Business Development Team or Equality & Diversity Lead. We also have links with a Disability Adviser and other agencies e.g. Dyslexia Association. We will need to make sure any reasonable adjustments that are approved are set in place before the assessment activity takes place.

Prostart provide referral to the Dyslexia Association for assessment and support where required. This is identified through a learners initial assessment.

Counselling Service

Prostart offer a confidential service with a qualified counsellor. Learners can speak to their assessor or the quality reviewer who will make a referral to the counsellor.

Additional Support Services

Access to Work – Mental Health Support Service

Support for Apprentices:

This free service supports apprentices who are feeling low, upset and struggling to keep up with their apprenticeship. It is completely confidential and run by fully trained professionals with expertise in mental health.

To qualify for this service, individuals must:

  • Be in an apprenticeship (attending or signed off sick);
  • Have a mental health condition that has resulted in absence, or is causing difficulties to remain in their apprenticeship.


Confidential Helpline: 0300 456 8114 or

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