Prostart Newsletter – Nov 20
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Employers can apply for incentive payments for hiring a new apprentice. Lots of organisations have already expressed an interest in this support, so please share our guidance with the employers you work with to help them make the most of it too.
They can get the payment in 3 steps
  1. Hire new apprentices between 1 August 2020 and 31 January 2021.
  2. Apply for the payment after they’ve added new apprentices to their apprenticeship service account.
They’ll be eligible for 2 equal instalments after the apprentice completes 90 and 365 days of their apprenticeship.
For How to Apply Click Here
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Equality & Diversity & Health & Wellbeing

Given the current circumstances keeping your Mental Health and Wellbeing in check is more important than ever. I can say personally that the ever-changing situation has made the last few months particularly challenging. There has been a lot of information distributed to try and advise people on how they can best look after themselves so it thought I would outline the ideas I have seen that I thought are most important for work and home life.
  • Take a break
This may seem obvious however given that most of our working patterns have changed and we are trying to get used to working in new ways it can be easy to forget to take breaks. Especially when working from home it can be easy to get caught up in what you are doing and not take the time your need for yourself. Taking a break to go for a walk, read a book or get a snack will help to refresh the mind and help to reduce any stress building up.

    • Keep track of your physical wellbeing
    Your physical health and a large impact on your mental health so make sure that you are taking steps to meet your body’s needs. Eating a regular and balanced diet helps to keep your energy levels high. Keeping yourself hydrated is crucial to ensuring nutrients are being delivered to your cells and all your organs are functioning properly. Sleep is also an important factor as studies have shown that getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night improves concentration and can help to prevent against depression.
    • Set boundaries for your working time
    With many people now working from home the line between work time and personal time can blur. It can be very tempting when at the end of the workday and want to just reply to one more email however you have already worked a full day and from experience just one email can lead into several more. On the flip side it is also easy to get distracted by things that are not work related, meaning less time for what you need to and leaving you feeling unproductive. The best way to address this is to make sure that you have set start and end times for your working day and you stick to your schedule. This will help you to avoid overworking yourself or feeling you have not done anything and ensure you have a healthy work life balance.
    • Speak to someone
    With the need to keep separated from others is it easy to feel isolated, email communication can feel like a good alternative however it is not a substitute for a proper conversation. Where possible it can be good to talk via telephone/ video chat to others, be it colleagues, family or friends, to get the human contact we need. From a work perspective it can be easier to communicate verbally, it also provides an opportunity to catch up about other topics. It is also helpful to talk to your family throughout the day to express your feeling about how things are going. Sharing your feelings helps to remove the burden from your shoulders and allows you to discuss practical solutions. It is likely that others are feeling similar so you can address the problems together.

      • Look after yourself
      In my opinion the main way to ensure that your Mental Health and Wellbeing is where it should be is to put yourself first. We all have responsibilities and things that we think are important, but our individual health is top priority. Feel confident in doing things that make you feel better. If you need time away from work, then take the time. If you want to spend time on your hobbies, then do it. At the end of the day there are times when we all need to take a step back and focus on ourselves.
      I hope everyone is faring well in these strange and confusing times. Unfortunately managing our wellbeing has no easy answers or shortcuts but I hope these tips will be useful in some way in working towards a healthy work-life balance. Then again, I am sat here writing this on a Saturday, so what do I know?
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      Prostart Update

      All Training Sessions will be remote until March 2021.
      Please keep up to date with Prostart news on the learner padlet

      Information on the Padlet can be used for Continued professional development and recorded in your Reflective Journal.

      Safeguarding and Prevent

      On the 3rd of November the Government raised the terrorist threat from Substantial to Severe - a terrorist attack is highly likely.
      There is no reason for alarm, however please be vigilant when travelling about and stay alert.
      Please refresh your knowledge on the Run Hide Tell Guidance which can be found here
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      Prostart would like to congratulate all apprentices who have managed to pass their EPA during lockdown and say thank you to all apprentices for their continued hard work and ‘attendance’ at training sessions.

      Photograph: Noah Cooper achieved Supply Chain Warehouse L2 standard with Distinction
      Photo credit: Denise Newcomb

      If you have recently achieved and would like to appear in the Prostart newsletter please send a photo of yourself with your certificate to

      Case Study Opportunity

      Would any of the Prostart Apprentices be interested in completing a case study to use for marketing purposes?
      If this is something you would be interested in please contact
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