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Prostart Update

Prostart would like to thank all the Employers, Managers and Learners that participated in our Ofsted Inspection last week. We appreciate the time you took out of your day to speak to the Inspectors. Once the report has been published we will share the results.
Thank You
The Prostart Team
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Employer News

The employer incentive grants deadline is the 30th of September. For full details on how your business could be eligible for up to £3000 for hiring a new apprentice can be found here
01. Apprenticeship – Employer Incentive Advert

Apprenticeship funding pledges now live

All businesses, including training providers and intermediary bodies, can now review funding pledges from levy paying businesses – spread the word!
Our new service supports businesses to access important apprenticeship funding – helping them to create more apprenticeship opportunities so more people can get the jobs they want.

Since 13 September, levy paying employers have been able to create a pledge of up to 25% of their annual levy funds to support apprenticeships in other businesses. They can select how much funding they want to transfer and set optional criteria for the types of businesses and apprenticeships they would like to support.
Employers have already pledged over £1 million for the 2021 to 2022 financial year, with many more expected to pledge in the coming weeks.
All businesses can now browse these funding opportunities on a new webpage. Employers can apply for funding to pay for 100% of their apprenticeship training and assessment costs (up to the funding band maximum).
Levy paying employers can use their apprenticeship service accounts to review, approve or reject any pledge applications.
Find a Business to fund Apprenticeship Training

Safeguarding & Prevent

Healthy Relationships

H&W article
You have probably had a moment reading a text or email when you have stopped and thought - Is this a scam? You have probably seen stories in the news or on social media about people who have been manipulated and coerced to hand over money to individuals. The way ‘scammers’ are operating is becoming so convincing that it is increasingly harder to distinguish between what is true and what is a lie. They operate on the basis that their victim is law abiding, trusting, sympathetic, preoccupied but most of all vulnerable and use a hook that will reel in some unsuspecting person.

These perpetrators are cruel and unfeeling, they have no regard for human frailties and in fact rely on these to catch their prey. These same tactics are used to manipulate and groom victims for sexual exploitation and radicalisation.

But manipulation and coercion is also used to form relationships which are unhealthy, and often use emotional or controlling behaviours or even physical violence to create an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment. This manipulation is the basis for domestic and sexual abuse, modern slavery and human trafficking. With the increase of online presence social media this is also increasingly being used as a conduit for sexual harassment/abuse and is worryingly being used by younger age groups in peer-on-peer abuse.

It is therefore vital that we recognise when a person is being coercive and controlling and any relationship we form with another person should be based on:
  • Respect - Understanding that people should feel free to be themselves, having their views listened to, feeling valued and to also give respect back.
  • Equality - being part of decision making and being treated fairly.
  • Compassion - being cared for and treated with kindness.
  • Trust - being believed and able to do the things you want to do, trusting each other and feeling good about yourself.
  • Consensual - not being pressured into doing things you don't want to do, feeling comfortable in saying 'No'. If you do not feel that you are listened to, valued or treated with kindness, the relationship might not be right for you.
You shouldn’t feel alone and tell someone – a friend/ trusted colleague/HR or safeguarding representative, a helpline/charity – e.g. victim support, or report any unwelcome advances, deception or unlawful behaviour to the police.

Remember everyone has a right to feel safe.

Paula – Designated Safeguarding Lead at Prostart

Learners of the Month

MA Ford
Congratulations to Sophie Walker and Muhammed Anees Abdulla who are the latest apprentices to complete apprenticeships at M.A. Ford Europe and received their certificates from Prostart.

Both completed the Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Level 2 apprenticeship and are now active members of our warehouse and despatch team, with each in the role of Warehouse Assistant.
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Employer of the Month

Council logo
Learning & Development Coach Darryl has nominated Leicestershire County Council as Employer of the Month. Regardless of the department, learners who have attended the Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms Professionals have been given regular time to attend Prostart to take part in training sessions each week.

During the pandemic learners were still given support by their managers to remotely attend all training sessions, and each manager has given their apprentices as much support as they have needed, even organising for them to work closely with other departments to allow the apprentices to get a hands-on view of how all sections of the IT Departments work collaboratively towards the overall running of large IT Network. This has proved invaluable in the apprentices’ understanding of how all the different aspects of their qualification lend themselves to their current and possible future roles in the council.


Why is it important to complete the feedback Prostart request?
Prostart are continually striving to improve the learning experience for our learners and in order to do this we need your feedback, both good and bad.
We ask for your feedback a number of times while you are on programme and this is so that we can improve the different elements of your learner journey. Over the last 18 months most of the Feedback we request is now electronic, for example after a learner session you will be asked to use a QR code or URL to complete a feedback form.
We read all of your feedback and your comments are used to make improvements to our processes and teaching, so its really important you tell us what you think.
We will also be starting small learner forums this year so that we can hear your feedback directly. If you would be interested in taking part please e-mail with the subject heading 'Learner Forum'.

Equality & Diversity

Anti-bullying Week: 15th - 19th November 2021

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Anti-bullying Week is coordinated in England by the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) and this year has the theme 'One Kind Word'. The week will begin with Odd Socks Day supported by CBBC and CBeebies star Andy Day and his band Andy and the Odd Socks.

Kindness is more important today than it has ever been. The isolation of the last year has underlined how little acts of consideration can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. This is one of the reasons, that ‘One Kind Word’ has been chosen as the theme of Anti-Bullying Week taking place from 15 to 19 of November 2021.
Anti-Bullying Week 2021: One Kind Word (

End Point Assessment - Guidance and Tips

Are you preparing for your End point assessment? Below are a range of resources to support you. Remember your Learning & Development Coach will also provide guidance and support to ensure that you are fully prepared.

Are you logging into your portfolio? You need to be familiar with your portfolio, if you haven't already logged in please speak to your Learning & Development Coach.

Worried about performing under pressure?
3 tips to boost your confidence (Video, TED-ed)
13 secrets for performing better under pressure (Article, Business Insider)
5 ways to beat pre-performance nerves (Article, Teens Health)
7 ways to combat anxiety (Video, MindTools)
Knowledge tests Resources
Multiple choice test strategies (Article, Thoughtco)
A short guide to multiple choice and short answer exams (Article, University of Birmingham)
Answering short answer questions (Article, University of Reading)

Learner Benefits – Did you know?

As an Apprentice you are entitled to various benefits and discounts through the National Union of Students’ Apprentice Extra discount card. This card has discounts available on travel, sport, books and DVD, technology, mobile and broadband, as well as fashion, beauty and going out. The card costs £11 for 1 year and £19 for two years, you get discounts from the likes of The Co-op, Amazon, Dominos, Alton Towers, New Look and much much more!
To apply please visit the link below:
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