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Prostart Update

Prostart currently have a number of apprenticeship vacancies.
If you, or anyone you know are interested in any of the positions or need any further information, please contact the Recruitment Team below.

Visit our website for further information:-
0115 9468182 /
Vacancy list
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Did you know we are now offering the Digital Support Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship?

There are two pathways within the Digital Support Technician standard – Digital Application Technician and Digital Service Technician. Those focusing on digital applications work with their internal customers to meet their organisation’s technological needs. Those who focus on digital services will support their organisation’s external customers so they can use digital platforms effectively.

If you are interested in the Digital Support Technician programme or any other Apprenticeships and would like some further information please contact

Safeguarding & Prevent


New Parental Supervision Tools for Instagram and Quest VR

New parental supervision tools are becoming available for Instagram as well as on Quest VR headsets from Meta. These new features will allow parents and carers to have more supervision over their teen’s online activity.

Features such as parents and carers having the ability to set screen time limits as well as having more awareness around reporting are just some of the new inclusions. This blog, explains these new parental tools and see what they can offer.

Apple - #SafetyCheck

On the 6th of June, Apple announced that it is introducing a new feature called Safety Check in iOS16, intended to protect people in abusive relationships. This feature allows users to review and reset who has access to location information as well as passwords, messages and other apps on an iPhone. An emergency reset will be able to cut other devices off from access to location data, passwords and a user's iCloud account, which can be essential in domestic violence situations.

Sexual Safety Video

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust have produced a short animated film about the topic of 'Sexual Safety'.
Watch the video here

New Online Series for Life Online

A new online series for young people which breaks down the skills needed for life online is now live on YouTube.

Topics include mis- and disinformation, bias, stereotyping, echo chambers and conspiracy theories. Watch here: YouTube Reframe - YouTube

Information Advice and Guidance

Training Sessions

Please ensure that you have diarised all of your planned training sessions, and where applicable portfolio days from your Scheme of Work.

It is really important that you attend these sessions each month; the training sessions are one quarter of your off the job training hours each month and if you also have portfolio days this equates to half of your off the job hours each month.

Not only does attendance ensure that your progress is kept on track, but off- the- job hours are a mandatory part of your Apprenticeship programme and you have to have done the minimum amount of hours on your Apprenticeship Agreement before you can be entered into Gateway for your End Point Assessment.

How can apprentices give feedback?

Apprentices can now give their anonymous feedback from their My Apprenticeship account.

You will be asked to agree or disagree with 12 questions in the feedback survey and will then rate their training from ‘excellent’ to ‘very poor’.

You can start giving anonymous feedback 3 months into their training. Your feedback helps us to improve your training so please login in to you account and provide feedback.

Equality & Diversity

Cultural Awareness

Front page 9
Cultural awareness is about understanding that our cultures impact and shape how we see the world. It involves religion, food, what we wear - how we wear it, our language, marriage, music and how these differ all over the world.
Cultural awareness is being sensitive about differences and similarities; that differences are natural and that when we work with people from other cultures, we need to be aware that our cultures may either help or hinder us in terms of communication and collaboration.
How to be British
This now-famous cartoon illustrates some of the complex values that make up the British approach to communication - politeness, showing deference, not wanting to disturb others, etc.
Why is Cultural Awareness Important? (
A common stereotype on British culture is that the British people are cold, unfriendly, stand-offish and distant.
People from many parts of the world are baffled as to why the British come across as so guarded.
This stereotype of a culture shows how you can misunderstand people, so where does the idea of the British being ‘distant’ come from. Two important, aspects of British values are - privacy, they like to be left alone, value their own space and politeness, they love a ‘please’ and a ‘thank you’ and will be offended if not offered, both of these values reflect why the art of queuing is important. However, to some can interpret this as being standoffish.

As with any culture, once you try to understand the other’s point of view, you can start to understand where you have misjudged them, or just not fully understood them yet.

Check out these Interesting Cultures from around the World
25 Interesting Cultures Around the World with Unique Traditions | T2B (
Bradford City of Culture 2025
On a side note – Bradford have been named the UK City of Culture 2025 and take over this title from Coventry and are looking for similar success.
Coventry received £172m in grants and investments during its year as city of culture. The money helped fund music concerts, the UK’s first permanent immersive digital art gallery, a new children’s play area in the centre of the city, and improvements to public transport.

Health and Wellbeing

Tips for Hot Weather Working

When people are too hot

  • ensure that windows can be opened
  • use blinds or use reflective film on windows to reduce the heating effects of the sun
  • ensure sitting workstations are away from direct sunlight
  • relax any formal dress code – but you must ensure that personal protective equipment is provided and used if required
  • allow sufficient breaks to get cold drinks or cool down
hot weather

Workplace temperatures should be reasonable

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advice is that the temperature in all workplaces inside buildings must be reasonable. There is HSE advice on how to carry out a thermal comfort risk assessment if staff are unhappy with the temperature.

Keeping cool at work

Switch on any fans or air conditioners to keep workplaces comfortable and use blinds or curtains to block out sunlight. Staff working outside should wear appropriate clothes and use sunscreen to protect from sunburn.

Staying hydrated

Employers must provide staff with suitable drinking water in the workplace. Workers should drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent dehydration and not wait until they're thirsty.

A heatwave can affect anyone, but those people most at risk are:
  • older people – especially those over 75
  • those who live on their own or in a care home
  • people who have a serious or long term illness
For further information and tips on coping with hot weather periods, visit the NHS website

Learner Achievements

Prostart Pass Rates

The End Point Assessment pass rate for all subjects is currently 100%.

Prostart have a very thorough End Point Assessment preparation process and all learners undertake mocks with an independent member of staff prior to their End Point Assessment to ensure that they are prepared and can achieve the best grade possible. Currently 80% of our Apprentices have achieved a Distinction grade.
In May Prostart were awarded the “Excellence in EPA delivery” plaque in recognition of our services by City and Guilds.

Photo: Managing Director Denise and Prostart staff members receiving the award from City and Guilds representative Rebecca Hollamby.

Case Study

Ashanti Shand
Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service
Project Implementation and Training Officer:
Case Study Logo

I joined Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Services in September 2019 as an Admin Apprentice contracted to 18 months, I enrolled working towards an Business Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship and have now been here for 3 years.

As an admin apprentice for NHIS, my role consisted of supporting my manager with the coordination of the apprentices, work experience, degrees, and career delivery programmes. Whilst being an admin apprentice, I also had the benefit of working alongside the Project Implementation and Training team, supporting their admin tasks.

This also involved going out with the trainers to GP Surgeries and Community Services throughout Nottinghamshire to observe training. This part of my job was enjoyable as I was able to meet a variety of people with different roles, not only that; going out to shadow trainers gave me an immediate insight into their day to day role which also, helped me understand the team’s purpose and aims as well as develop my knowledge on the clinical systems they work with.

At the start of my apprenticeship, I was allocated with a Training Provider (ProStart) , they were responsible for the training required towards my Apprenticeship, the assessment of the knowledge and ensured that I met the requirements to be able to sit my end-point assessment.
ProStart are very supportive training providers by preparing resources for units and offering extra support for certain elements of course work, in my opinion training structured at ProStart is very well organised and always in advanced, for me this is highly beneficial as It allowed me to prioritise modules that required to be completed.

My training sessions were held once a month at Kings Mill Hospital and virtual due to the pandemic. I was also given a choice to attend drop – in sessions which were held once a month by my assessor. The purpose of this was for any apprentices to catch up with any course work allocated; having this day available enabled me to manage workload.

During my apprenticeship, I had the opportunity to complete my Function Skills Maths Qualification, I was supported by specialised maths tutors from Prostart who worked thoroughly hard with myself to upskill my knowledge, both tutors ensured that I was fully prepared for upcoming exams and consistently provided extra support and resource for me to feel confident. At the end, I successfully passed my exam after various attempts and would like to thank Prostart for their ongoing support and patience.

Throughout my apprenticeship I learned a lot of valuable skills and techniques from people around me, by shadowing and observing as well as listening, I was able to attend free courses to develop my skills e.g., Minute Taking and Customer Service.

I worked thoroughly hard during my apprenticeship and was given the opportunity to progress with my career, I had applied for a permanent Junior Trainer position within the Project Implementation Team and successfully got the job in 2020!

My job role as a Junior Trainer was to support the training team with coordination of bookings, preparing agendas for meeting’s, completing minutes of meetings, scheduling update meetings as well as having the responsibility of delivering 50% of training. I enjoyed working as a junior trainer and I admire the fact that I can give delegates confidence in using their clinical system to carry out their day-to-day job efficiently.

After being a Junior Trainer for almost 2 years, I have now progressed my career onto a Band 5 Project Implementation and Training Officer working within the training team.

Reflecting on my NHS career, I am extremely grateful for the job opportunities that have risen for me, enabling me now to be in a Full Time Permanent Position. One of my greatest achievements during this time would be winning the Non- Clinical Rising Star Award in which I was nominated for my “work ethic, commitment and Leadership Skills well beyond my years and grade” - I am truly honoured to have won the Non-Clinical Rising Award and cherish that my colleagues notice my hard work.

Making the decision to become an NHIS apprentice has by far, been the best thing that I have ever done. It has enabled me to be develop my skills whilst earning a qualification, it has allowed me to see the variety of opportunities and careers within the NHS, as well as given me an insight into many Clinical Systems that has enabled me to develop my career as a Project Implementation and Training Officer; I hope to develop more skills and to gain an insight into different roles within my organisation to progress soon.

I would say to anyone considering working for the NHS, to not hold back. Whether you are looking to apply for an Apprenticeship, Full time job or a part time role; Work experience in the NHS is a fantastic way to gain insight into a particular career and it will also enable you to develop a wide range of skills; that will be transferable skills to work elsewhere.
Thank you for reading!

Ashanti Shand

Learner of the Month

well done ribbon. well done round green sign. well done
Learning and Development Coach Darryl has nominated Jake Fardell as learner of the month
Jake recently completed his IT Application Specialist Level 3 Framework. This is the second qualification Jake has completed with Prostart, and he used the knowledge and experience he gained on his Level 2 Framework to deliver a great portfolio of evidence.
Jake has taken his experience of these 2 qualifications and is now mentoring a new apprentice, Wesley, who is completing his Level 3 Digital Service Technician. Jake has been able to confidently help Wes find his feet in a new role, while still using his newly acquired IT skills to take his own role to new strengths.

Great Britain Rafting Team

One of Prostart's learners, Paddy picture in this photo is in the GB Rafting Team and recently went to the world championships in Bosnia.
The UK came 7th and here is a little bit about it WRC 2022 Bosnia - IRF World Rafting Championships (

Learner Benefits – Did you know?

As an Apprentice you are entitled to various benefits and discounts through the National Union of Students’ Apprentice Extra discount card. This card has discounts available on travel, sport, books and DVD, technology, mobile and broadband, as well as fashion, beauty and going out. The card costs £11 for 1 year and £19 for two years, you get discounts from the likes of The Co-op, Amazon, Dominos, Alton Towers, New Look and much much more!
To apply please visit the link below:
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