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Prostart Update

Prostart currently have a number of apprenticeship vacancies.
If you are interested in any of the positions or need any further information, please contact the Recruitment Team below.

Visit our website for further information:-
0115 9468182 /
Vacancy list
Passport to Success

Employer Update

Create apprenticeship adverts using your apprenticeship service account

Did you know, you and your training provider can create new adverts using the improved built-in recruitment tools within your apprenticeship service account? You will find this within the ‘Your apprentice adverts’ section in your account.
By using the ‘Recruit an apprentice’ service you will be able to create adverts and easily manage applications in one place.
New account improvements
We have released new improvements to the way you create and track adverts using your account, making it a more streamlined process for you and your training provider. There is now a new task list available, supporting you through the recruit journey.
How it works
To create an advert using your account, login and click on ‘Your Apprentice adverts’ and follow the steps provided.
If you need to create multiple or similar adverts, you can clone them after you submit the advert. Each advert is usually approved or rejected within 24 hours.
You can also give your training provider recruitment permissions to create the adverts for you.
New recruitment APIs
We have released two new recruitment APIs (application programming interfaces) which makes it easier for you to:
• create adverts on ‘Find an apprenticeship’ using your own systems
• display adverts from ‘Find an apprenticeship’ onto your own websites
Find out more about our recruitment APIs
Access Support
For further guidance and support visit our help portal.
Employers can give feedback on their training providers more quickly and simply
How it works
Employers can now give feedback on how well the Training Provider is performing directly from the Manage Apprenticeships homepage of their apprenticeship service account.
Employers can provide information on your strengths and on any areas of improvements, as well as giving you an overall grade. They can update their feedback every 3 weeks if they choose to.
Anonymised feedback continues to be published on Find Apprenticeship Training.
Support employers to apply: the deadline for employers to apply for the £3,000 incentive payment for hiring a new apprentice has been extended.

Applications close 20 May 2022.

How employers apply
Employers should check their apprentices’ eligibility – they must have:

• an employment start date from 1 October 2021 to 31 January 2022
• an apprenticeship start date from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022

To receive the payment, employers must submit an application for each eligible apprentice using their apprenticeship service account.

For more information contact the recruitment team at Prostart 0115 9468182 /

Safeguarding & Prevent

Online Safety Laws introduced in Parliament
  • Online Safety Bill has been be introduced in Parliament.
  • Parliament to approve what types of ‘legal but harmful’ content platforms must tackle
Internet users are one step closer to a safer online environment as the government’s new world-leading online safety laws have been bought before Parliament.

The Online Safety Bill will protect children from harmful content such as pornography and limit exposure to illegal content.

Building Resilience against Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories have existed since ancient times, however, social media and the internet have made it much easier to spread them.

What is a conspiracy theory?
The Cambridge Dictionary definition is:
“A belief that an event or situation is the result of a secret plan made by powerful people”.

Key ways to identify a conspiracy theory, as opposed to a rational explanation for events, are:
  • A secret plot
  • A group of conspirators
  • ‘Evidence’ that seems to support the conspiracy theory
  • The false suggestion that nothing happens by accident and that there are no coincidences, nothing is as it appears and everything is connected
  • The division of the world into good or bad
  • They scapegoating of people and groups.
So why should we worry about conspiracy theories?
It is often difficult to identify a specific extremist motivation for conspiracy theories; however if trust in authority can be destroyed, then extremists hope society will collapse into chaos, violence will be ignited and both political and religious extremists believe they can rebuild Britain with their beliefs and in their image.
This might be a far-fetched fantasy, but what is clear is that extremism does lead to hate speech and violence which impacts on us all.
The checklist below will support you to do your own fact checking for conspiracy theories.

1. Where is the information from?
2. Who is being quoted? Often false information will be said to come from:
A friend’s uncle or aunt, a friend’s friends, a nurse, a doctor, a police officer. Identical content will often be found in many places. Frequently the content will be exactly the same but appears to come from different people.
3. Is the source anonymous? If you cannot verify the source then think carefully before believing it.
4. Have you checked through trusted sources: Check through organisations like the BBC news or ITV news. Also use a fact checking organisation. Try using Full Factor Channel 4 fact checkor BBC reality check.
5. Even if you find a reference to the claim, it still doesn’t mean it is true – so be wary.
6. When you look at it in detail does it look ‘right’? Be careful, websites can be made to look trustworthy when they are actually falsified. Look for clues: e.g.
  • The URL doesn’t look right
  • Spelling and grammar are poor
  • The other articles are strange
  • The layout is poor
  • Common sense: Would the BBC promote a diet?
  • Is it in the normal BBC font and style?
  • Do adverts e.g. Women’s Health normally appear on BBC webpages?
7. Have you looked at where images actually come from and whether they actually relate to the story?
8. What is missing? If it makes claims, does it back them up?
9. Can you find this story elsewhere? Even if you can find it elsewhere it doesn’t mean it is true, but if you can find the story on reliable websites then it is more likely to be.
10. How does the story make you feel? Conspiracy theories and fake news are intended to make you feel angry or scared
11.Is this actually a joke: In some cases satire can be confused for reality. Check the style of writing – does it read like satire? Again, check against other sites
12. Does it look too good to be true? Usually when something looks too good to be true, it isn’t true!

Source: ETF Blogs What are conspiracy theories? Why do we need to worry about them? - The Education and Training Foundation (

Information Advice and Guidance

From 1 April the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage rates changed.
By law, your employer must pay a minimum amount on average for the hours you work. This is called the:
  • National Living Wage (NLW) if you're aged 23 or over
  • National Minimum Wage (NMW) if you're aged under 23 or an apprentice
Wage band Current rate (from 1 April 2022)
Age 23 or over (National Living Wage)
Age 21 to 22 £9.18
Age 18 to 20 £6.83
Under 18 £4.81
Apprentice £4.81
Check your pay – National Living and Minimum Wage (

Information: IFATE apprentice panel recruitment

Recruitment to join the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education apprentice panel has now opened.
The main purpose of the apprentice panel is to ensure the views of apprentices are represented across the work and governance of the Institute. The panel decides which issues to focus on, and panel representatives attend Institute board meetings to advise and challenge on those issues. They also meet regularly with ministers and other government officials to ensure the apprentice experience is front and centre of new policy thinking.
To apply, apprentices need to complete the expression of interest form and upload a copy of their CV. Closing date for applications is midnight on 16 May 2022.

National Numeracy Day 18th May

Fun Maths Quiz

1. What is the next number in the series: 2, 9, 30, 93, …?

2. Geoff thinks of a number. He deducts five from it and then divides the result by three. His answer is 25. What number did he start with?

3. If y=10x − 1 and the value of x is 10, what is the value of y?

(Answers at the end of the newsletter)

For help with Maths -
Home | National Numeracy

Training Sessions - Feedback

Are you happy with your online training sessions? Would you like more face to face training?
Prostart have always offered employers and learners flexibility so if you would like more face to face training please don't hesitate to speak to your Learning and Development Coach. Alternatively e-mail with the Subject Heading 'Training Sessions'.

Equality & Diversity


Voters in England, Wales, and Scotland will pick who they want to run services that affect everyday life in their local area. People in Northern Ireland will choose its government.

You can no longer register to vote in the elections on 5 May, but you can register to vote in future elections. The next general election is due to take place on 2 May 2024.

Local councils are responsible for everything from bins, bus routes and potholes, to providing mental health services, deciding planning applications and managing schemes to tackle climate change.

In England, more than 4,000 councillors in 146 councils are up for election in major cities including Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and all 32 London boroughs. South Yorkshire will also be voting for a regional mayor and 1,000 parish councils will be electing about 10,000 councillors.

The elections will decide who runs services such as social care, bin collections and planning.

Where are they taking place?

Local council elections are happening in England, but not in all areas. There are about 4,360 seats up for grabs on about 146 councils, plus a handful of mayoral elections and seats on 1,000 parish councils.

What do local councils do?

Councils are responsible for many local services, including playgrounds. Local councils are responsible for providing many of our public services. For example:
  • providing care for the elderly and disabled
  • fixing potholes on some roads
  • collecting rubbish
  • providing libraries
  • planning applications

Who can vote and how?

Voters must be 18 or over on the day of the election. All voters must be:
  • registered at an address in the area where they want to vote
  • a British citizen, an Irish or EU citizen or an eligible Commonwealth citizen
  • not legally excluded from voting
  • There are three ways to vote:
  • in person at a polling station (often in places such as schools and community centres)
  • by postal vote
  • by nominating someone to vote for you (a proxy vote)

How are the winners chosen?

  • with council elections, voters have one vote for each available seat in their area (a ward or division)
  • in most cases, that means one opportunity to vote - but large wards may have several seats
  • whoever receives the most votes wins the seat
  • if one party wins more than half the council seats, it has control of the council
  • if no single party has a majority, parties will often join forces (known as a coalition)
  • a different voting system is used for mayoral elections so voters should read the instructions on their ballot paper carefully
(Source BBC News)

Health and Wellbeing

Ways to calm your Mind
Be Grateful
One way to boost your mood and reduce anxiety is to write down five things you are grateful for every day. Research suggests that focusing on gratitude helps to calm your deep limbic areas and enhance the other judgment centers of the brain. When you focus on what you love, your brain works better, and you’ll have a chance to feel better. You’ll likely notice a significant positive difference in your level of happiness over a pretty brief period.
Do Yoga and Get a Massage
Practicing yoga and getting massages can do more than improve your physical function. Clinical studies indicate that both are beneficial for improving mood and coping with stress. Massage can lower the stress hormone cortisol while increasing the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, which work cooperatively with GABA. Yoga actually can increase brain GABA while improving anxious feelings and overall mood.
Soothing Tunes
Listening to soothing music can help relieve stress by triggering biochemical stress reducers in your brain. Due to an increase in dopamine levels, music can also improve mood, boost energy, and help with focus and concentration. When used properly, music is medicine.

Stress Reducing Strategies
When you’re under stress, your body cortisol and other messengers that push your brain to seek out rewards—cravings. For many of us, cravings are triggered by unpleasant emotions, including stress and anxiety, as well as being sleep deprived due to stress. Making sure to get enough sleep can reduce cravings and help you feel level-headed enough to deal with the cravings. Rather than giving in to your cravings, utilize stress management techniques—take a vigorous walk, do yoga, or relax in a hot bath. Meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, intense exercise, hypnosis and optimizing vitamin D levels are also great ways to improve self-control and make better judgment calls so that you truly control your brain.

Learner Achievements

Prostart Pass Rates

ILM Ops 5
There has been 100% learners passing their EPA Standards with 90% gaining distinction on the Ops level 5 and overall the distinction rates for programmes is 80%.

Since the introduction of Standards at the end of 2019 to April 2022 learners have successfully achieved and been awarded with the ILM Badge of Honour for Operations Departmental Manager Level 5 which equates to a 90% Distinction rate.

Congratulations to Madison Johnson, an Apprentice at Rushcliffe Council, they have put forward Madison as a candidate for the Local Government Association Apprentice of the Year competition. This is an online competition scheduled to take place on 25th May which will see apprentices from councils across the UK work in teams on a range of activity based challenges linked to apprentice skills, knowledge and behaviour standards.
Also congratulations to Georgia Schofield who has won the NHS Proud2bAdmin Award.
Proud2bAdmin Awards 2022 - Winner (2)
Notts Healthcare Informatics logo
Winning the Proud2bAdmin Award – Apprentice of the Year - 27th April 2022.
By Georgia Schofield
This is the first time that Sherwood Forest Hospitals have implemented this award within the organisation. The 6 categories were Apprentice Of The Year, Most Helpful Admin, Admin Star Of The Year, Admin Team Of The Year, Best Newcomer To A Team, and Lifetime Achievement Award.

Unknown to me, my Manager and Team Leader nominated me for the Proud2bAdmin Award – Apprentice Of The Year. On Monday the 25th of April my managers called me asking if I had been informed of being shortlisted to win the award, which was a wonderful surprise to me. They advised me that the winners for each category would be announced on the live on ‘#TeamSFH Virtual Staff Brief’ on Wednesday the 27th.

My mum and I were at home in anticipation awaiting the commencement of the Proud2bAdmin Awards. Once Emma Challans, the Director of Culture and Improvement announced the awards were about to begin we waited in suspense. After what seemed a lifetime of waiting Apprentice Of The Year was the first to be announced by Rob Simcox ‘I can announce that Georgia Schofield is the Apprentice Of The Year. The nomination spoke about ‘how much of a pleasure Georgia is to work with, she’s such a fantastic colleague with such a strong work ethic, who clearly has such a bright future ahead of her. Congratulations Georgia it is something that you should be really proud, and well done’

I am over the moon to have won, and I am so proud as I am the first ever person to win this award within SFH. It is an honour to have won this, I feel like all of my hard work has paid off. I love my role within Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service (NHIS), I am looking forward to building my career within this service.

Nottingham Poetry Festival

On the 6th and 7th of May Prostart's learner, Connor Brown took part in the Nottingham Poetry Festival. The founder of the festival the popular poet Henry Normal attended and Connor read two of his poems. Denise our Managing Director took Prostart's mascot Ted along.
Photographed left is founder of the Festival and popular poet Henry Normal. The Festival is was part of the petition to stop the closure of libraries. The Festival runs from the 6th to the 15th of May at various venues across Nottingham.
Connor second left reading one of his poems. Both the BBC and ITV filmed the event so look out for it in your local news.
Prostart's mascot Ted taking center stage.
Prostart's mascot 'Ted' has had a busy week, as well as being fitted for a new bespoke Prostart T-shirt, Ted has been out with Quality Reviewer Paula to present certificates to our Apprentices photographed below -James, Zoe, Tracy and Victoria.
cert 2
Paula and Vicki

Learner of the Month

well done ribbon. well done round green sign. well done
Generic marketing image
Learning and Development Coach has nominated Sara McCombe as learner of the month for May.
Sara completed her B & A level 3 with Distinction. Sara went above and beyond and was a very dedicated learner. Towards the end of her qualification, Sara secured a new job @ Kings Mill Hospital, so not only did she have to learn a new job role, she had to prepare for her EPA.

The dedication and commitment Sara showed was outstanding. Sara did the work in her own time, balancing a new job, qualification and home life. Sara was very open to feedback, and took this on-board when preparing for her EPA. Whilst Sara was on her qualification, she also completed her Maths & English Functional Skills at Level 2.

From the start, Sara’s aim was to achieve a distinction on her qualification. Sara’s portfolio was outstanding.

Kerren is extremely proud that Sara was her learner.

Employer of the Month

Learning & Development Coach Ceri has nominated both Denmaur Papers and East Coast fittings as employer of the month. Both employers have gone over and above to continue to recruit and support apprentices. The apprentices are given the required time and support to complete their apprenticeship training with Prostart.

Learner Benefits – Did you know?

As an Apprentice you are entitled to various benefits and discounts through the National Union of Students’ Apprentice Extra discount card. This card has discounts available on travel, sport, books and DVD, technology, mobile and broadband, as well as fashion, beauty and going out. The card costs £11 for 1 year and £19 for two years, you get discounts from the likes of The Co-op, Amazon, Dominos, Alton Towers, New Look and much much more!
To apply please visit the link below:
Maths Quiz Answers.

1. 282 (multiply the previous number by three and then add three)
2. 80
3. 99

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