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Career Assessments:-

Career Assessments

This career assessment is based on psychologist John Holland’s RIASEC model of career choice. It follows the theory that careers and people’s personalities and interests can be classified into six broad areas. This 60-question assessment generates a brief report outlining the assessment taker’s primary career interest area and a list of possible careers; a premium report is available for a fee.

The Sokanu career test offers matches to more than 800 careers. It evaluates career fit based on interests, work history and goals, workplace preferences and personality. The full assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete. It can be used with a variety of age groups.

This assessment lets clients rate activities they enjoy, personal qualities and school subjects they like to discover career clusters that are a match for their interests. It takes five to 10 minutes and was created by CAREERwise Education.

The MAPP test comprises 71 questions exploring likes and dislikes and is meant to be done quickly, taking approximately 22 minutes to complete. Users must register to take the free sample assessment. Paid packages are also available, which offer different assessments and career matching opportunities.

Advice about Work

ACAS – New to Work