Prostart Training are aiming to become an End Point Assessment Centre.


With the introduction of the new Infrastructure Technician standard at level 3, End Point Assessments (EPA) have been introduced. This independent EPA aims to confirm that the competence apprentices’ have developed meet the standards set by the IT Industry. To ensure consistency and impartiality the EPA cannot be carried out by the training provider delivering the apprenticeship.

  • Prostart Training will ensure consistent and impartial end point assessment against the standard and assessment plan. End Point assessment for the Infrastructure Technician will consist of the following:-
  • Portfolio – our independent assessor will verify that the apprentice’s portfolio meets the standard requirements.
  • Project – the synoptic project will be offered to the apprentice or training provider to be completed in a controlled environment.
  • Interview – our independent assessor will carry out a structured interview, this could be in person or using technology for example skype. All interviews will be recorded so that they are available for moderation.
  • Employer Reference – as part of the end point assessment requirements the apprentice will be required to obtain an employer reference. This will be assessed along with the learner’s portfolio.

The Employer Reference and documentation and evidence of the project and outcome are to be added to the summative portfolio data package. The training provider’s project invigilator should confirm the authenticity/accuracy and truth of reports and documentation and this confirmation should also be included in the submission.

Once the synoptic project has been completed the interview is booked. The assessor prepares for this interview by previewing the portfolio content in advance of the hour long interview.

Prostart’s assessor will then decide whether to award successful apprentices with a pass, a merit or a distinction.

Link to standard and assessment plan:-


Assessment Plan

End Point Assessment will be available from April 2017. If you are interested in finding out more about registering for end point assessment please contact:


Key End Point Assessment Documents:-